View Zulip version

Zulip server and web app version

If your organization self-hosts Zulip, the server administrator will need to upgrade Zulip in order for you to experience the latest improvements. You can check which version of the Zulip server and web app your organization is using.

Zulip Cloud organizations are always updated to the latest version of Zulip.

View Zulip server and web app version

  1. Click on the gear () icon in the upper right corner of the web or desktop app.

  2. Select About Zulip.

  3. View the version number under Zulip Server.

If the Zulip server is running a custom branch, the merge base will also be shown. It indicates which official version of Zulip the custom branch is based on.

Zulip desktop app version

The Zulip desktop app has an independent version from the server and web app.

View Zulip desktop app version

  1. Click on the Help menu in the desktop app. The app version is shown in the dropdown: Zulip Desktop v...